Off To Canada (Again)

Holidays in Canada


This is just a way of documenting our holidays, really for our own enjoyment. It’s like keeping a scrapbook of a nice trip but brought into the 21st century.

I started doing this a few years back, I think it was for our trip to the eastern part of Canada. We were visiting Halifax, Montreal, Quebec City and Toronto, and as I have an appalling memory I thought this was a good way of actually remembering where we’d been and what we’d seen. It kicked on from there and I’ve added linnks to our favourite trips below.

Feel free to comment or to get in touch.

You can read the New Zealand Blog here.

You can read all about our trip across Canada by train here.

You can read about our 2008 West Coast trip here.

Here’s our 2012 trip to watch hockey in Canada.

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