Off To Canada (Again)

Holidays in Canada

Go Canucks, Oh

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The weather held for us today and after yesterday’s mammoth hike, today was always going to be a little closer to home, or the hotel at least. We booked tickets for one of the most touristy things we could, Fly Over Canada. It’s an immersive ‘ride’ located at the end of Canada Place. I think it’s where the IMAX used to be. I bought tickets online and booked our ‘flight’ for 11:30am. The good thing is it’s fully accessible so nice to find stuff like that as you almost always find some small print somewhere that says it’s not suitable for some reason or another. After a short film about something…I still haven’t a clue to be honest, I think they just want to stretch out the experience so you feel you get your moneys worth, they then escorted us to our seats. They’re very similar to chairlift seats except that a bar doesn’t come over you and you have a seatbelt instead. The lights go off, the barrier in front folds away and you’re lifted into the air slightly. Your peripheral vision is completely taken up by the screen and a combination of wind effects, fine water mist, and smells as well as the seats tilting you forward or back makes you feel like you’re flying. The film lasts for about 8. minutes and takes you from coast to coast, high in the mountains, across the prairies, along rivers and through cities. It was incredibly effective and fun, more so than we expected. If you get chance to go on one then you should. One is coming to Toronto and another to Vegas.

After enjoying our flight, we strolled around Canada Place which was another place we visited 31 years ago. We went there to wave off Aunty Bet (Amanda’s great aunt) who was going on an Alaskan cruise and also to visit the IMAX for the first time…oh it was also the first time we saw people smoking dope in public. Reminiscing over, we went for some retail therapy and as it’s our 30th anniversary Amanda managed to come away with pearl earrings. The woman who sold them chatted to us for what seemed like an hour. She went to school in the U.K. before coming to Canada 43 years ago. We knew her life story by the time we’d finished. A late lunch back at the hotel and we went back to the room to rest up a bit and get ready for the hockey.

Our seats were on the opposite side of the tunnel from the game on Tuesday night but still right behind the goalie. Amazing seats but sadly the Canucks didn’t win and totally spoiled the day for us. How dare they. Holiday ruined. Amanda got talking to two women next to her who were incredulous that we’d come so far to watch hockey and Amanda helpfully pointed out that I was more a Leafs fan than Canucks. She told me quite pointedly that she doesn’t like the Maple Leafs. Another Christmas card list I’m off. There is so much help around at the stadium that it puts our sports events to shame. We had people escort us everywhere, and everyone was incredibly helpful and kind. They even have seat service so you can order drinks and food and it gets delivered to your seat (thanks Quincy you were great). We also had free toques courtesy of one of the teams sponsors.

I know the video looks upside down it’s weird but it plays fine. It was Canadian Armed Forces appreciation day at the game so Fin the mascot got in on that.

One thing I noticed again as we walked back to the hotel was how many Teslas I’ve seen since we’ve been here. Not just in Vancouver, but in Whistler and over on the island too. You can count on one hand how many you might see in a week in the UK unless you live by a dealership and you’re counting the test drives. Here you see one every 15 mins or so. Model X and Model 3 mostly but a couple of Model S too. The weird thing is I haven’t seen a single Tesla Supercharger anywhere. It’s a mystery.

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