Off To Canada (Again)

Holidays in Canada

4 days to go

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It’s a bit of a long-standing joke that I like to get to the airport early when we go on holiday. I don’t relax until I’ve checked bags, got the requisite orange tag on the wheelchair and got through security. A good friend has already asked if I’m at the airport already….twice, and one of those was several weeks ago. I’m not that bad. For me, the holiday starts at the airport and I don’t mean a pint of Guinness at 7am (I think you should wait until at least 8am).

In the last few days, I’ve

  • checked the time of the valet parking drop-off
  • checked the time of the flight
  • checked the weather forecast for our destination
  • checked the hotel reservations
  • contacted the concierge of each hotel informing them that although Amanda will be rolling up to the hotel in a wheelchair, it isn’t a complete miracle when she stands up and informs them that we do not need a specially adapted room.
  • checked the weather forecast for each destination
  • checked the time of the flight
  • looked a room upgrade at Lake Louise, choked when I saw how much it is, then thought screw it, and booked it.
  • checked out webcams showing the weather of our destination
  • checked the dates of the hotel reservations to make sure we don;t have one day where we have no hotel
  • checked the time of the flights in case they changed
  • checked the weather forecast of Calgary when we land
  • checked the car rental to make sure I didn’t add any extras we don;t need or forget stuff that we do need.
  • checked we still know where the Parks Pass is
  • checked the time of the flight…you never know
  • packed, unpacked and repacked my camera gear twice (so far)

We’re almost ready. FYI it’s expected to be anywhere from 19C to 4C in Calgary when we land so we’re packing shorts and thermals.

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