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Let’s go further west

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After a couple of nights of relaxation and probable drunkenness, we must leave Brentwood Bay and head west towards Ucluelet. According to Google Maps it’s a decent drive (as mentioned in the last post) but it looks a nice drive too. The more I think of it, the more I think we’ll use the Mill Bay ferry and then head north up through Duncan, Chemainus and Nanaimo, all the way to Qualicum Beach before heading west. As I understand it, the road gets progressively quieter as we head west past Alberni which suits me perfectly. I’m hoping for deserted roads and a peaceful, enjoyable time and loads of traffic doesn’t quite cut the mustard.

A welcoming place

Eventually we’ll get to Ucluelet and we’re booked into the Black Rock Oceanfront Resort which I found online whilst looking at probably every single hotel on the island. It has a fantastic location, right on the oceanfront (the clue is in the name) and we have booked a room with precisely that view.

Viewed from the air (borrowed from the website)

As viewed from the ocean

If you take a peek at the website you’ll see exactly why I booked this place. The food looks good, the location speaks for itself and the rooms look great too. Of course we haven’t travelled over here just to stay in this lovely hotel, oh no. We’ve come over to the West Coast to see whales.

One morning we intend to drive up to Tofino and go and see some whales. I haven’t booked this yet. I’ve tried, but after sending two emails to West Coast Aquatic Safaris via their website, I still haven’t got a reply. I’ll keep trying as they really do look like the best for our purposes (not porpoises). They have an enclosed boat and are disabled friendly so the boat is easily accessible. We’re desperately hoping that we’ll get to see breaching Humpback whales but I’ll take what I can get. We’ve been lucky enough to see Sperm Whales in New Zealand, and Humpbacks and Orca on our last visit to BC but we’re greedy and want more.

Once we’ve sated our appetite for cetaceans (look it up) we’ll be off up North. North of the Island anyway, as that’s where the ferry leaves from. This is becoming the holiday of ferries but this will be the last one, on this trip anyway. Before we catch the ferry however we have to drive a long way. This will be the longest drive of the holiday and will take us all day. We have to retrace our steps back to the east coast of the Island then drive as far as the road allows (almost) to Port Hardy, but more of that next time.

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